Driver Pitstop  – Check Settlements, Escrow, business resources, training, etc (Username is Log ID and password is Trucks Unit number)


Drivers are required to attend 1 safety meeting per year.  


Driver must call terminal for instructions on all chassis tires before incurring expenses or driver will be responsible.  Terminal will pay for tires when cause of failure is tread separation on recaps or when tire is flat and repairable.  All other damages to tires or run flat and burned up tires will be invoiced back to the driver.  When available the driver may carry an old spare tire to prevent buying a tire on the road.  

Tire Vendors for Roadside Tire Issues                                      

Tire Liability Program for Chassis Tires

Truck Tire Purchasing Program – See Terminal for latest tire forms with pricing.  Terminal Manager signs and sends to corporate.  Tires will be ordered and shipped to the install location within 72 hours.  Savannah install locations are Interstate Tire, 5600 Hwy 21, Port Wentworth, Ga – Lisa Fitzer 912-965-9090 or Advantage Tire, Grange Road, Port Wentworth, GA.  Tires will be deducted from settlement at half the tire cost per week for up to 10 weeks.


Rider Release Form                                      Minor Passenger Release Form

Violations that Can be Found on an Intermodal Chassis

Pre-Trip Inspection Video                Pre-Trip Inspection Video 2

                     Citation Payment Request Form                  Drivers Legal Plan Application

Repair Certification for Roadside Exam Reports – Fill this out after you get a roadside inspection with violations


Approved Truck Inspection Locations                                           Inspection Forms – Must use this form for getting trucks inspected


Hazmat Endorsement Application                           Hazmat Certificate


IRS Form 2290                          Evans 2290 Completion Tool                          MCS-150 For Tags                

Plate Program Video Overview                  Plate Program Documents Needed                    Mileage


Occupational Accident Policy


FMCSA new regulations require that all CMV drivers must be examined by a Medical Examiner who is listed on the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners.  When you renew a CDL and each time your medical certificate is renewed you will be required to self-certify in person with form DDS-1207 and a copy of your medical certification (physical).  License will be suspended if state does not have new self-certification and medical certificate before your certificate expires.

Medical Certification Process Website

TWIC & GPA Credentials

TWIC Credentials                                                 GPA Credentials